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So your nearly 30, and you feel like your still not where you wanted to be in life.

People keep asking you when you are going to have kids or get married, or even move out of your parents house….

All your friends are married or on their 3rd kid and your here still trying to figure out your career.

Here me and Hayley play a little game of ‘Never have i ever…’ to go through our experience of getting to 30 years of age.

Many people in our society feel depressed or even like they want to end it all because they haven’t achieved what is expected of a 30 year old by the time they hit 30.

I feel like this is a serious topic that affects our mental health more so for women and is not talked about enough.

Did you go through something similar?

Do you think 30 is old?

Are you worried about turning 30 years old?

Comment down below and lets shake off some stress.

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