6Months Sugar-free life update video

6MONTHS SUGAR-FREE Life UPDATE! (with Before and After Body transformation pix – no exercise)

So it has definitely been a little while since i posted a video but i am back!! So many of you asked me to do an update video, just on how things are for me after 6 months of doing this and i really wanted to do this too. I kept this one a bit more personal, and ran with my thoughts and feelings, rather than just telling you about the pros and cons.

If you liked the video please do give it a thumbs up! also check out my previous Sugar-free videos here:

IM A SLAVE TO SUGAR: https://youtu.be/Ul-Hjq9LSr0

30DAY SUGAR-FREE CHALLENGE RESULTS: https://youtu.be/KLzGk5T7reg

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WANT TO SUPPORT ME : I love making videos, but sadly it doesn’t pay – If you want to support me by making a small donation that will go toward better equipment, better videos, then i will love you for ever! ( if you can’t, it’s ok – I love you too 😛 )

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Thanks for watching

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