Happy new year to you all!

I took a trip down to ChinaTown for the Chinese luna new year festival for the first time ever ( well that i remember).

It was Red, it was loud, it was fun, it was beautiful and it was crowded.


The day started off with me and my sister rushing down to central London, because we were late to see the floats and dancing dragons. The moment we stepped out of the train station, we were met with wall of people also there for Chinese new year celebrations.

The crowds made it difficult to see much of anything but the beautiful decorations above made up for that.


The hunger got the better of us while we were swimming through the crowds, so I decided to check Happy Cow app and found an amazing restaurant that is not only Raw Vegan but also refined Sugar-free!

[ I was looking for a Vegan Chinese restaurant to keep up the vibe but the only one I found was in Dalston 😥 – will probably check that out on another day ]

raw vegan food.jpg

It’s called Vantra Loungevity London

If you are interested in vegan food, definitely go check it out – it is right near M&M world and ChinaTown.

The atmosphere was amazing! Very family friendly. Everyone seemed happy and ready to party and they left the floats out at the end for us to enjoy.







Being the Year of the Dog, a lot of people brought their dogs to the event and I was planning to bring Duke, however I am glad I did not – Duke might have been trampled. Also I spotted another Shiba there and everyone was stopping this dog and grabbing him – I felt sorry for the shiba.

After a while my sister and I decided to go see the light show at 5.30pm, i thought maybe I could at least film this section and make a video out of the day … we found an amazing position, with full view of it all (so happy) and waited around 30-40 mins there to see the show only to have a tall security guard and people push in front and block our view. If you are short and you haven’t found a good place to stand – I do not recommend waiting for the light show, because you will not see it. ( not to be a Debbie downer haha but it is the truth )

I am so happy I decided to go regardless of how I may have made the experience sound because it was fun, and i’m glad my sister came with me, she was good company. – I would post the picture I took of her here but not sure if she’d want me to 😛

So you can have a picture of me instead :


The plan was to film the event but it was a bit much to enjoy and film so I just enjoyed.

I definitely recommend getting there in the morning, when they start , as many sections get closed off because of over crowding.

Best part of the day : Raw vegan food, decorations, and atmosphere.


Christina Sky


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