Ways in which you can reduce plastic pollution: Stop buying plastic bottled drinks – Bring your own bottle. Buy in bulk. Thrift shop instead of buying everything new. Recycle. Sign petitions. Reduce your use of single use plastics. Advise friends and family on non plastic options. Reuse items as much as possible before throwing away. Refuse plastic straws and cutlery when out and about. Stop … Continue reading PLASTIC PLANET | SKY CHRISTINA

#PLASTICFREEZONE – Plastic bottle alternatives.

So as you may know, if you follow me on instagram, I am rallying for a plastic free zone. I am still learning every day as to how plastic effects the environment and in turn every living being on this planet including ourselves, so i thought I’d make a list of alternatives that can be used instead. Starting with plastic bottles. ‘More than 480bn plastic … Continue reading #PLASTICFREEZONE – Plastic bottle alternatives.