Vegan and No added Sugar food options,

Straight to your doorstep,

all in a tidy little package.

Vegan No Added Sugar Birthday Assorted Snack Box! Letterbox gift! (L)

IN THE BOX: 6x Randomly selected Vegan and no added sugar snacks, all different flavours. Dairy FREE ✅.. VEGAN✅.. Price includes postage and packaging to UK


The perfect gift for any Vegan or just someone who likes healthy snacks.

All wrapped in a box with tissue paper.

Less waste.

Don’t let your Vegan friends/family miss out this Christmas.

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Look at these amazing Vegan no added sugar Snack boxes!

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Vegan and No added Sugar food options all in a tidy little package for you to enjoy.
I know how hard it can be to get access to healthier options, that are Vegan and have no added sugar, so I wanted to make it a little easier for you all to be able to gift others or yourselves with some yummy snacks/ food options.

Christina Sky


Hi everyone, My name is Christina Sky and i am a creative who loves to share my Vegan and Sugar free journey via Youtube and Instagram. Hope my store helps create happy bellies and happy minds.