Hi beautiful!

Welcome to my world in blog form!

My name is Christina Sky,

I live in London, UK

and love embracing nature.

I spend my days caring for a cute lil Japanese Shiba Inu puppy called Duke,

walking through the woods,


working freelance as an artist,

eating yummy Whole Plant Based Refined Sugar-free foods,

and flowing with life.

My goal is to positively inspire myself and others on a daily basis so we can all strive for the best in life.

I create video content on Youtube where I share experiences and ideas on topics such as

  • Veganism + Whole foods plant based diet + Sugar-free living
  • Mental and physical health +fitness
  • Urban Gardening
  • Adventure + Nature
  • Environmental issues
  • Love
  • Art
  • Me
  • +more

I post regularly on Instagram + facebook on similar subjects.

Interested in more? Leave me some questions on here or any of my socials and I’ll answer some of them for you 😛

Love and light


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