So as you may know, if you follow me on instagram, I am rallying for a plastic free zone. I am still learning every day as to how plastic effects the environment and in turn every living being on this planet including… Read More

My life is just doing something amazing right now. I have a dream … That one day I could… simply put… live off the land. No longer did I want to rely on the super market to provide me with all my… Read More

My Doctor didn’t believe my pain. Living life as a victim.| SKY CHRISTINA

Exactly what I have been going through since I had surgery in 2015. ( I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in October 2014, I had surgery in 2015 and was left with lots of complications such as endometriosis – i never even… Read More

  I have most definitely been away from the modelling game for quite a few years now, and somehow I met up with an up and coming photographer ( @FACESPLACELACES ) and was able to just get right back into it.  … Read More

Hi Beauties, How is everyone? doing great? thats amazing!! ha now that awkward part is out of the way lets talk. So a lot of nothing has been happening for me at this current moment and I have been sitting here for… Read More