So your nearly 30, and you feel like your still not where you wanted to be in life.

People keep asking you when you are going to have kids or get married, or even move out of your parents house….

All your friends are married or on their 3rd kid and your here still trying to figure out your career.

Here me and Hayley play a little game of ‘Never have i ever…’ to go through our experience of getting to 30 years of age.

Many people in our society feel depressed or even like they want to end it all because they haven’t achieved what is expected of a 30 year old by the time they hit 30.

I feel like this is a serious topic that affects our mental health more so for women and is not talked about enough.

Did you go through something similar?

Do you think 30 is old?

Are you worried about turning 30 years old?

Comment down below and lets shake off some stress.

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8 Benefits of Sugar Free Diet.


Reduced food Cravings

  • More balanced blood sugar makes it less likely for you to crave foods or feel constantly hungry.

Better appearance

  • Sugar causes inflammation in the body which can break down the elasticity in your skin. Which can cause wrinkles.
  • Sugar robs the body of minerals which the body needs to keep skin nails and hair healthy, which can also cause bad acne, dull weak hair and many other issues.

More energy

  • Unbalanced blood sugar levels can cause you to crash regularly. Sugar raises the blood sugar level very high, really quickly and soon after the body brings the sugar levels way down to control it. This can leave you exhausted and craving again. Whereas whole food unprocessed sugars help to keep balance of blood sugar levels instead with a slower release.

Fat loss

  • When I did the 30 day sugar free challenge, I lost a dramatic amount of fat from my back and my body fat mass even went down and after a year of being sugar free I lost a stone in weight.
  • Sugar triggers your hormone Ghrelin ( the hunger hormone ) making you likely to eat more than you need. Sugar is also full of empty calories, so you are just taking in extra calories for satisfaction purposes but they are actually leaving you more and more unsatisfied as time goes on.
  • It may not make everyone lose weight but can help to maintain the weight you currently are.
  • At a small percentage, excess sugar is turned into waste but mostly stored as fat by the body as it is seen as a valuable resource to hold onto. This is why whole unrefined sugars are better to consume than processed because they include fibre and other nutrients which digest slower and can be used as energy.

Lower risk of illness

  • Majority of illnesses in the body are triggered by the consumption of sugar.
  • Since ive gone sugar free I’ve avoided most common sicknesses like flu / cold.
  • Sugar causes a lot of systems in the body to not work to their fullest potential causing illness to take over.
  • Sugar also is a cause of inflammation which also causes a lot of bodily health issues and can also cause depression.
  • Sugar also weakens the gut which plays an important role of absorbing nutrients needed for optimal health, causing unnecessary illness.

Clearer mind

  • When Sugar effects your energy levels and causes inflammation, it has a grand effect on the mind. Sugar can leave you distracted, anxious, and cause negative thinking. 
  • Removing sugar from my diet has allowed me to focus more and just feel less heavy minded.

Better sleep

  • Having more control on your blood sugar and energy levels can make it easier for you to go to sleep.
  • Consuming sugar can cause a delay in your body release of melatonin a hormone which controls your sleeping cycle and helps you sleep deeper. 

Better moods/ improve mental health

  • High sugar consumption has been linked to depression, and I have to say, since going sugar free I haven’t felt depressed, and i was diagnosed with depression before I cut out sugar from my diet. (i also ate a hell of a lot of sugar)
  • The constant rise and fall of blood sugar can cause a lot of feelings of nervousness and contribute to those who already have anxiety.  Also leading to craving which can make people agitated and hangry.
  • When I was eating sugar compared to now, there is a massive difference. I went from someone who was super sensitive and emotional one day to happy and chilled out the next, most people I know are still shocked at the difference. And when I had a moment of weakness at the beginning of my journey and ate sugar…. I suddenly felt all the feelings of depression again. Was a really strange experience.


Hey Beauties,

I recently talked about a bunch of books i had read when going Sugar-free on my Youtube channel and thought you might want a read as well.

Hope they help,

( I’ll do a post on Documentaries i watch as well soon.)


THAT SUGAR BOOK:This book will change the way you think about ‘healthy’ food

The Case Against Sugar

Sugar Nation: The Hidden Truth Behind America’s Deadliest Habit and the Simple Way to Beat It

Pure, White and Deadly: How Sugar Is Killing Us and What We Can Do to Stop It

MEAL PREP #1 4 meals, Low budget, Vegan, No Refined Sugar Diet| SKY CHRISTINA



Veggie mix with rice ready in 35-45 minutes. With only 7 all natural plant based ingredients. Making 4 separate meals which are Vegan and only cost £0.90p each. So if you are on a budget or do not have enough time to cook every day, you love how easy this makes life.


  • 1 1/2Cups (roughly 260g) Wholegrain Brown rice


  • 150g Cherry Tomatoes
  • 200g Chestnut Mushrooms
  • 250g Sweet potato
  • 150g Courgette
  • 90g Frozen Chopped onion ( or fresh )
  • 80g Spinach

SEASONINGS (optional)

  • 1 Tsp All Purpose seasoning
  • 2 pinches Sea Salt


  1. Rinse rice and put into pot with 3 1/2 cups of water. Put on stove high heat until water starts boiling.
  2. Wash and slice your Sweet Potatoes into small cubes. Put into a pot of water and bring to a boil.
  3. While you are waiting for those to boil, Grab another pot with a tiny bit of water or oil and add Chopped onions. Turn on stove to medium heat and cook onions for just over 5 minutes making sure to stir them.
  4. Chop up your veggies ready to add to pot with onions.
  5. Add chopped mushrooms to onions and cook for another 5-7minutes.
  6. Make sure to keep an eye on your rice and sweet potatoes, if they have started to boil you can turn down the heat to a low-medium heat.
  7. When your mushrooms and onions are golden and soft , add seasonings and mix in.(optional)
  8. Add sliced Tomatoes and juice to the onion mushroom mix. Simmer for 5minutes.
  9. Add chopped courgettes to veggie mix pot and stir in let them cook together for 5minutes.
  10. When your potatoes are soft turn off the heat and drain the water. Also if your rice is ready(there should be no more water in the pot ) turn that off also.
  11. Add the potatoes to the Veggie mix and mix together, and tear spinach and place into pot also, stir and cook for around 5 more minutes.
  12. Dish out equally into Tupperwear boxes and leave to cool down covered on the side. Once cool place inside fridge if you are going to eat in the next 2 days, and that are longer than 2 days will be best off going straight into the freezer.


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