So your nearly 30, and you feel like your still not where you wanted to be in life.

People keep asking you when you are going to have kids or get married, or even move out of your parents house….

All your friends are married or on their 3rd kid and your here still trying to figure out your career.

Here me and Hayley play a little game of ‘Never have i ever…’ to go through our experience of getting to 30 years of age.

Many people in our society feel depressed or even like they want to end it all because they haven’t achieved what is expected of a 30 year old by the time they hit 30.

I feel like this is a serious topic that affects our mental health more so for women and is not talked about enough.

Did you go through something similar?

Do you think 30 is old?

Are you worried about turning 30 years old?

Comment down below and lets shake off some stress.

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Hey Beauties,

I recently talked about a bunch of books i had read when going Sugar-free on my Youtube channel and thought you might want a read as well.

Hope they help,

( I’ll do a post on Documentaries i watch as well soon.)


THAT SUGAR BOOK:This book will change the way you think about ‘healthy’ food

The Case Against Sugar

Sugar Nation: The Hidden Truth Behind America’s Deadliest Habit and the Simple Way to Beat It

Pure, White and Deadly: How Sugar Is Killing Us and What We Can Do to Stop It

So many green opportunities are happening all at once :o | SKY CHRISTINA

My life is just doing something amazing right now.

green sky christina 4

I have a dream …

That one day I could… simply put… live off the land.

No longer did I want to rely on the super market to provide me with all my produce. No longer did I want to accidentally consume chemicals (e.g pesticides), and so much more…

I dreamed of a day where I could walk out into my own garden in the morning or evening and pick what I needed from the plants and enjoy my fresh meal, just like that.

However I have always lived my life in small flats with my family, with no garden and very small balcony spaces.

Two years ago, in 2016 I decided I wanted to kick off this dream by growing what I could in the small space that I had. I took in a few small houseplants at first, I really fell in love with cactuses and succulents.

I then moved over to Shoreditch for a short while where I began to take in and care for some larger house plants, which…I kind of killed or nearly killed most of them now. uh sorry… I was not a fit mother please don’t hate me.

But I wasn’t going to let a few failed attempts stop me from achieving my dream, so I started growing produce like potatoes , spinach, tomatoes, etc. I loved it, but for some reason in Shoreditch the air where I was living was super dusty and my plants kept contracting mites/ aphids , bugs… No matter what I did they always came and devoured my plants, it did stress me out for the longest time and made me feel like I just didn’t have the green finger and I contemplated giving up and just having 1 or 2 house plants instead.

green sky christina 2

Time went on and eventually I moved back home with my family and we were in a new flat with a front balcony space and not much else.

I asked my mum if I could use that space to grow plants and she was delighted to have me grow plants there. (even when i started all the neighbours were telling us how nice it all was and started growing stuff of their own. I love that!:D )

I have to say, I am not the richest person in the world so at the beginning it was all pretty bare and nothing much was going on for the longest while. Over time I went to places like B&Q to shop the plant sales , I visited places like wilkos or searched the internet for hours for the cheapest tools , even hunted the streets and I went to a few nurseries to get cheap baby plants and seeds so I didn’t have to spend so much money on fully grown plants .

This did make my job harder, as I had to teach myself a lot about how to grow from seed and care for the plants in all seasons, but this was really worth it because now I have a much bigger understanding of a wide array of plants and their growing cycles.

Again , I was doing better than before but I did kill a lot. Even recently I killed a ton of plants that I had spent a lot of money on because we had a very frosty cold winter….which hasn’t happened in years, I believed they would be fine out there and then it snowed – that meant game over…

When Spring came along this year I had to rid the space of all the dead… I was back to near empty. A little sad but still undefeated. (At least all my house plants were still alive and healthy)

I took my booty down to the nursery again to purchase a bunch of plants and since then I have collected a few more along the way.

It has most definitely been a hot spring and summer…the hottest ….and to be honest I think the plants absolutely love it.

Currently my house plants and balcony garden is flourishing!

After lots of trial and error, I’ve almost figured out what they all like. .

I’m actually really happy about all this green because recently I have decided to take this path/dream more seriously and go to college to study horticulture ( I got in!haha ) This is going to make a big jump in my current knowledge and really help me in future.

😁 I start September yay!πŸ˜„.

I also found a person nearby, as well, who’s offering up their massive garden so I can grow my crops all year round.πŸ’šβœŒ

– This is a little crazy for me as I have never worked in a garden space, I’m literally going to have plants growing in the ground omg! .. This could either go really badly or absolutely amazing. I’m sure my course will help me out. (still deciding whether i should take it on right now though)

Another crazy thing thats happening is that in the winter the tree I told you I was adopting is coming! (It’s gonna be 2 years of nonstop watering to make it as big and strong as the giants surrounding it but it’ll be all worth it when I have a  healthy beautiful tree, that can live maybe 100-300 years and I can indulge in all the amazing fruits – still got to decide what tree to get -please help me with suggestions πŸ˜…).

I honestly thought , for the longest time, that I was only going to be able to grow a few bits on my small balcony and now suddenly all these opportunities are happening and my dream to live off of fresh foods that I grew myself is becoming a reality 😍.

I put out my dream into the world and here I am making it a reality 😁😁😁


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Its actually so weird how life has played out, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would be growing plants and learning about plants… its a very weird reality for me right about now.

Which fruit tree do you think I should grow? I want to try something different and exotic that can grow in UK …πŸ˜‹πŸ€”πŸ€”

Love and Light

Christina Sky




Hi Beauties!

How is everyone doing on these nice sunny and hot days.



I love them, I grow them, I eat them.

Plant are literally my life force haha.

One day i hope to even own a massive plot of land so i can grow a permaculture forest πŸ˜€

So, I decided to make a video of me repotting some of my amazing plants, while having a lil chat about how therapeutic the whole experience is for me and some other life topics.

Here I decided to leak a little bit of what i’m all about and my back story, without going into any crazy details… I’ll leave that till a later date.

I really hope you enjoy and guess what πŸ˜€ I love plants so much that this September I have applied to join a Horticulture course at college. Should be interesting.

If you enjoy the beauty, the art and all the life of plants then comment below or on the video and let’s talk plants. πŸ˜€

Love and light



Hi… it has been a while | Stuck in my comfort zone…

Hi Beauties,

How is everyone?

doing great?

thats amazing!! ha

now that awkward part is out of the way lets talk.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 18.50.12

So a lot of nothing has been happening for me at this current moment and I have been sitting here for like 2 weeks staring at rubbish on the internet, watching other peoples lives and not really living my own. Relatable?

It doesn’t help that I was in pain for those 2 weeks so I was just laying in bed most of the day trying my best not to put myself in any more pain but I really feel a bit .. you know.. useless. (i’m not looking for sympathy, just sharing a lil bit of how my brain is working right now)

I plan and I plaan all of these magical productive things i’m going to do in life so I can have fun and explore and just live the dream, and about 1% of that plan actually happens and the rest just gets pushed onto the next month to do.

I feel like this has been a repeating pattern in my life. Like I hoard plans for years … and like a decade later I realise, like damn…. I planned to do this 10 years ago and I’m still pushing it forward every month as something I’m going to do….

I’ve come to know i’m not alone in doing this through listening to people, and their stories. We get so busy or caught up in things that mean basic fluff and wonder where the time has gone. Then we see someone working hard, focused and achieving things we could only dream to achieve but haven’t even come close to. We snap out of that reality and start to compare ourselves over and over and thats what makes us feel useless.

For a while I felt like I stopped this, i was active and achieving my goals and focused on myself and my life. Things happened in my life and I got thrown off quite a bit and ended up in this basic cycle of living – wake up, dress , walk duke (my Shiba inu puppy), watch youtube videos, eat food, bed…. over and over… and in a way I felt like it was a kind of coping mechanism, so I didn’t really have to think or feel any of the things that were happening in my life or just avoid feeling uncomfortable again. It kept a smile on my face, it kept me afloat…but I feel like that boat is now sinking, I’m coming back to reality and nows the time to abandon ship and move on.

When I really think about it, I wonder if I know what the solution is… and only today have I come to think that, maybe I just haven’t found the thing that gets me going and enthusiastic.

I was enthusiastic at one point… for 6 years I drew comics to make an anime ( the excitement i had after completing each page, even though barely anyone read those comics and most people who did, didn’t understand or thought i was weird -and a small percentage begged me for more but thats besides the point.. i still loved the thrill of just making it and then was super thrilled to put it out there)… worked weekends at Sainsbury’s for money for my clothing business and then 3 of those years I worked as a student nurse full time on top … I was very busy every day of the week, i barely slept. (I come to realise I was very busy because I had some unsettled mental issues and this was my escape and then I finally got through.. and now I’m through them  …i’m back in this unenthusiastic lifestyle. ..but is it because I have unsettled mental issues again? i have no idea to be honest. doesn’t feel that way)

Don’t get me wrong, I have done many new things these recent years just gone, like recovering and rehabilitating after surgery, big change of my diet…starting up exercising at the gym…started my youtube channel etc. however now i’m used to my diet, i’m getting used to gym , i’m pretty happy in comparison to before- no serious depressing issues pulling me down, and my youtube is just floating there with my inconsistent upload schedule.

(starting to think i’m just ranting here right now and not sure if this even makes any sense at all..haha oh well)

So the solution I see is to push myself out of this new comfort zone I have made for myself because i’m settling again, and whenever I settle, I get bored or feel useless.

To keep the feeling of just feeling alive, I need to keep myself in a weird space of uncomfortable. For example, take my diet to the next level that i’ve planned for; bring more quality and put more effort into my Youtube videos; do new things regularly; meet new people; take my mental awareness to the next level. I would say more examples but there is a bunch of things i want to keep secret from you all for a lil while till I get them up and running.

I feel like I have been having one of them midlife crisis things, like i’m getting old and i feel like i’ve done nothing … but that all stems from me comparing myself to others. I just keep reminding myself – this is my journey, my path. My path is nothing like anyone else’s so comparing mine to others is futile and a waste of time.  haha and me sharing it here, i guess, is just to show you my experiences so you can get inspired or know maybe what not to do haha. ( Or its an unconscious cry for help – i honestly don’t know )

So heres to me pushing my own buttons and falling out of this comfy bubble for the rest of 2018 ..

wish me luck peeps

x love and light x

(i want to share more here – personal stuff as well as recipes and health and fitness stuff so call me out if i haven’t posted in a while)