8 Benefits of Sugar Free Diet.


Reduced food Cravings

  • More balanced blood sugar makes it less likely for you to crave foods or feel constantly hungry.

Better appearance

  • Sugar causes inflammation in the body which can break down the elasticity in your skin. Which can cause wrinkles.
  • Sugar robs the body of minerals which the body needs to keep skin nails and hair healthy, which can also cause bad acne, dull weak hair and many other issues.

More energy

  • Unbalanced blood sugar levels can cause you to crash regularly. Sugar raises the blood sugar level very high, really quickly and soon after the body brings the sugar levels way down to control it. This can leave you exhausted and craving again. Whereas whole food unprocessed sugars help to keep balance of blood sugar levels instead with a slower release.

Fat loss

  • When I did the 30 day sugar free challenge, I lost a dramatic amount of fat from my back and my body fat mass even went down and after a year of being sugar free I lost a stone in weight.
  • Sugar triggers your hormone Ghrelin ( the hunger hormone ) making you likely to eat more than you need. Sugar is also full of empty calories, so you are just taking in extra calories for satisfaction purposes but they are actually leaving you more and more unsatisfied as time goes on.
  • It may not make everyone lose weight but can help to maintain the weight you currently are.
  • At a small percentage, excess sugar is turned into waste but mostly stored as fat by the body as it is seen as a valuable resource to hold onto. This is why whole unrefined sugars are better to consume than processed because they include fibre and other nutrients which digest slower and can be used as energy.

Lower risk of illness

  • Majority of illnesses in the body are triggered by the consumption of sugar.
  • Since ive gone sugar free I’ve avoided most common sicknesses like flu / cold.
  • Sugar causes a lot of systems in the body to not work to their fullest potential causing illness to take over.
  • Sugar also is a cause of inflammation which also causes a lot of bodily health issues and can also cause depression.
  • Sugar also weakens the gut which plays an important role of absorbing nutrients needed for optimal health, causing unnecessary illness.

Clearer mind

  • When Sugar effects your energy levels and causes inflammation, it has a grand effect on the mind. Sugar can leave you distracted, anxious, and cause negative thinking. 
  • Removing sugar from my diet has allowed me to focus more and just feel less heavy minded.

Better sleep

  • Having more control on your blood sugar and energy levels can make it easier for you to go to sleep.
  • Consuming sugar can cause a delay in your body release of melatonin a hormone which controls your sleeping cycle and helps you sleep deeper. 

Better moods/ improve mental health

  • High sugar consumption has been linked to depression, and I have to say, since going sugar free I haven’t felt depressed, and i was diagnosed with depression before I cut out sugar from my diet. (i also ate a hell of a lot of sugar)
  • The constant rise and fall of blood sugar can cause a lot of feelings of nervousness and contribute to those who already have anxiety.  Also leading to craving which can make people agitated and hangry.
  • When I was eating sugar compared to now, there is a massive difference. I went from someone who was super sensitive and emotional one day to happy and chilled out the next, most people I know are still shocked at the difference. And when I had a moment of weakness at the beginning of my journey and ate sugar…. I suddenly felt all the feelings of depression again. Was a really strange experience.

10 Minute Beginners at home ARM WORKOUT, easy with support | SKY CHRISTINA

If you haven’t worked out in years,

or your like me and have lower body restrictions,

or your just a complete beginner,

then this can be a workout to help you get started on your fitness journey.

Over the past few years, I have had to come up with different creative ways to work out that doesn’t trigger my chronic pain in my leg. I haven’t been able to do much for 4 years so I am really weak everywhere and recently I discovered lifting weights while laying down on the sofa.

This is definitely the perfect way at this current time for me to work out with support and not too much stress on other body parts.

I thought I’d just share anyways so those of you out there who feel like they just cant move, (or they been in bed due to health issues for years like me) feel like they can at least try something to keep them muscles alive.

This can also be done sitting up, so if you work at a desk all day long or standing is hard for you – try this out.

Finally embarking on my Journey to Fitness! | SKY CHRISTINA

Oh wow Guys and girls and everyone in between!

😀 I literally just completed a very challenging fitness challenge, that in no way did I believe I would ever do. – Ah!

Check out my journey here in this 2 part vlog I made :

I have really been struggling to do even some of the most basic of things like standing and walking and going up and down stairs…. The pain I talked about in the video was a nightmare. I really had to push myself to get this done.

And now I feel absolutely amazing! – I have tons of energy – even my butt looks different haha

before and after 100 squats for ig.jpg

( screenshots from the 2 videos)

– and I even gained 2+% muscle in one week – not sure if thats really good but wow! still a win for me.

I am currently in the process of starting a new challenge… but that doesn’t mean I have stopped the squats – I plan to continue them on but just do 30-50 per day to add to my new challenge workout….

I feel like I can do a lot more now and I am so happy I did it.

I really am looking forward to my progress – I just want to be stronger , able to carry my own body weight with ease and shed some fat %.

I hope you enjoyed the video or at least felt some inspiration to do more for yourself.

Do you think you could do 100 squats for 7 days?

If yes, why aren’t you doing it right now?!!?


Love and light x

Christina Sky

My Doctor didn’t believe my pain. Living life as a victim.| SKY CHRISTINA

Exactly what I have been going through since I had surgery in 2015.
( I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in October 2014, I had surgery in 2015 and was left with lots of complications such as endometriosis – i never even had period pain before so this was a shock to the system and i cannot feel the side of my right thigh, which i was told was temporary due to anaesthesia, and chronic pain ETC. I would go into more details but I do not believe I am ready to share that right now so I am going to keep this post short. )
Every time I go to see the doctor they pass me along or say
“have you seen a psychologist – I think its all in your head”
“you will have to learn to live with this now and accept that you might be in pain for your whole life and you should come to terms with that…there is nothing we can do”. 😐
They have no idea what is wrong with me, so I also have no idea whats wrong with me. you’d think if someone is struggling to walk, sleep or even sit up you would do more to help them.
Now I’m so against going to the doctor, I was so done with waiting around for others to fix/help me.
I spend my days strengthening myself and getting used to the pain and I have been researching, self educating and developing myself to be the healthiest I can be in hopes to relieve my pain.
Its almost been 4 years, and only now through helping myself – do I see that I can be in agonising pain and still live my life.
My message to you,
Do your best not to live your life as the victim forever,
( I know how hard it can be when its difficult to even physically move )
Take your time to recover as much as you can and eventually pick yourself up.
Turn that problem into a stepping stone,
That you can lay down to solidify a path to a stronger you.
Love and light x
Christina Sky


So it has been a few months since I have quit sugar, and I feel like I have tried and tested so many things to get me through this tough period.

I realised that I have so many tips / tricks, that I use daily, to help STOP MY SUGAR CRAVINGS and thought why not share it with all of you.

This video is all about tricks i have developed along the way through my crazy experiences going Sugar free.

Trust me, Ive been to the bottom – hunting the fridge in the middle of the night for something sweet – not realising how addicted i was to this poisonous substance… But now i am here to help you out with my top ten tips on how you can potentially curb your own sugar cravings. If this helped you or you think this could help out a Friend or family member then please SHARE , LIKE , and SUBSCRIBE.