MYTHS ABOUT FEMALE BODY HAIR – My experience | @skychristina

Thought it was about time to share my experience and knowledge about female body hair, as someone who lives with it. The things i said in the video are mostly based on my own experience, and i added a small insight to things I’ve read about the history of female body hair in society. Help me normalise female body hair so that people are not abus ed for what naturally grows on our female bodies. #femalebodyhair #bringbackthebush #bodyhair

MY EVERYDAY NATURAL MAKEUP LOOK with affordable Vegan / Cruelty Free brands

When we say Vegan and Cruelty free makeup it means using products that do not include any animal products and also are not tested on animals.

I’m not someone who wears a lot of makeup, so I do not run out easily and I bulk buy when products are on offer. So I only recently had to start looking for new products now that my old ones had finally all been used.

So I have been Vegan for 4 years and I have only now started my research into the Vegan beauty world.

I have come to realise that it is not so plain and simple, knowing which brands are Vegan and cruelty free.

Yes some brands ( I love brands that do this ) label their products with the appropriate labels but there are many who don’t, so currently I am living off of the brands that are labeled. Thats mostly Superdrug branded items (e.g B beauty) which most people look down on but to be honest, I love them. They work for my skin, they’re affordable and they make me look good haha ( and i don’t break out so i’m winning)

I have also been lucky enough to be able to get free goodie bags from events I have been to in the past, which have given me Vegan cruelty free makeup.

I have been doing research online about different brands that offer cruelty free makeup, but do you ever get some brands where one google link says yes this brand is cruelty free, then the next one says they’re not? It’s actually kind of frustrating, especially when the brand themselves won’t even clarify.

In the video above I was requested to do makeup looks that use vegan makeup, so I thought i’d start off with something simple.

This is definitely my go to look whenever I want to put on makeup.

I used

Superdrug Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream

This is the moisturiser I use straight after I wash my face. I use the one with added spf in summer.

Superdrug Vitamin E Face Serum

I use Superdrug Vitamin E Face Serum to add extra moisture to problem areas I have, like dry patches on my cheeks (especially in winter).


I use Jecca Blac medium Sculpt and soften palette as a concealer to brighten dark eyes and cover red patches.

Superdrug BB cream

I cannot seem to find this one anywhere online, however I do show it in the video for you.


Amazing for keeping your makeup in check for longer. I sweat a lot and i’m super oily, so this helps calm that down.

B. Pro Styler Eyebrow Pencil Brown/Black

I love this brow styler, it has a triangle shape so you can get more precision when trying to draw hairs, for a more natural look.

B. Pro Duo Eye Liner Black

This eyeliner is definitely great for precision.

and there you have it. I’m either wearing no makeup or wearing this:

Hope this helps, and I’m looking forward to the future where I can just go one site or one section of a shop and the cruelty free products are clearly labeled or have their own section like food. However I do appreciate that there are some options available for now.

Let me know what brands you are using right now in the comments.

Love and Light x

Christina Sky.

TheVeganKind Unboxing Beauty Box

vegan beauty box thumbnail

[CLICK PHOTO ABOVE FOR VIDEO – or scroll down below]

Hi Beautiful!

Last week I received a package in the mail and was so excited that my Vegan Beauty subscription box had finally arrived from TheVeganKind !

I wanted to share with you all what great value goodies you could get in the box that only cost me around £12 with discount code : VEGAN

and the box altogether I calculated to be around : £75 to buy the items individually and all the items are Vegan and Cruelty-free!





DISCOUNT : 5% off : skychristina

10% off : skychristina10off

All beauty products will either be found on website in the supermarket or

Maggie Anne Nail varnish : (£10.50)

DISCOUNT 25%off : ‘ TVK ‘

Noughty intense moisture treatment : (£8.99) – I actually tried this and my hair felt amazing afterwards


Dr botanicals cream : (£39.99) FRUU tinted lipbalm : (£4.99) – i love this

DISCOUNT 20% off : ‘ TVKB20%OFF2 ‘

Bellapierre shimmer powder : (£12.99)


So CASUAL FRIDAYS with me SKY CHRISTINA ( + sometimes DUKE/ maybe others ) will be a sometimes weekly segment where we can relax in our comfy clothes with some snacks and just chat, unbox things, share things, all sorts …. so if you have anything you’d like to talk about or want me to share then COMMENT below and lets get started!

Let me know if you got the box and what you thought in the comment section, I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

Love and Light

Sky Christina