A balanced life is a healthy life.

Ever feel like your always struggling to stay fit and healthy? Always fighting a cold or a headache? Constantly tired, even when you have slept more than enough?

I have most definitely been there.

I’m sure we all have…

I made this space so that I can help you, by sharing my experience with different foods and techniques that helped me over come a lot of these issues.


I am not a medical professional, but I feel like sometimes even medical professionals do not know from first hand experience some of the practices that they advise you to take… That is where I come in.

I have been a Vegan since January 2016, I have tried being Raw vegan and now I opt for a more Wholefoods Plant based diet.

I have been Refined/Processed Sugar Free since October 2017 – this has helped me immensely with my health.

I thought I’d mention that so you get some idea as to what my current diet is and what i will be talking about majority of the time in my posts.

So if you are interested in joining me on my journey – LETS GO 😛